Risk Management

Risk management involves minimising risks facing the Association, affiliated clubs and their members (collectively referred to as the Pony Club), whether appearing in the form of financial loss or physical injury or damage or abuse. 

It includes a number of steps summarised as follows:

  • Identifying risks which threaten the wellbeing of Pony Club;
  • Assessing the importance of those risks and the consequences to Pony Club if they are ignored. The focus generally is on safety issues and minimising potential litigation;
  • Designing a process to eliminate or minimise those risks;
  • Documenting these steps in a Risk Assessment;
  • Taking all possible steps to comply with that process; and
  • Constantly reviewing the process so that it can be improved and grow to suit the needs of Pony Club;

Risk managment is an ongoing process to be continually reviewed and updated at all levels. Documentation of this process is an integral part of the process and should be kept on file for future reference at all levels. 

Below you can download all related forms and further information.



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