International Events


The Interpacific Rally is held bi-annually and is contested between Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, United States and Canada. Members 17 and under 21 years as of the 1st January in the year of the competition are eligible for selection to attend. Teams compete in a scrambled One Day Event and a Nations Cup Showjumping Event.


The International Mounted Games Exchange is held annually between Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States America. Riders must be under 16 years of age on 1st January in the year of competition.


The International Pony Club Quiz is a trivia competition testing Pony Club member knowledge on general horsemanship, horses and riding (can include pieces of tack or equipment, from any discipline, farrier’s tools, veterinary utensils, bits, feed, etc).

The International Quiz is held by a host Pony Club country, Pony Club Australia will send a team of 4 – aged 16-24 years. Team members must hold at least a C certificate and will be selected based on achievement in a selection test. The written selection test will be sent to a shortlist of 10-15 applicants.



A team of 4 males and 4 females plus a coach and manager are invited to compete in the UK July until  August 2023. Team members must be between 16 – 25 years of age as of 1st January 2023.

There is no established roster for Tetrathlon and it is much more popular than in previous years.

States are invited to submit the names of 2 male and 2 female members that fit the age criteria and have a record of competition results across all 4 disciplines at state and ideally national level. PCA will ensure that the team members are representative of states, and good ambassadors for Pony Club as well as being great athletes.

Nominations for are due to Pony Club NSW by  January 2023 to

Applications for coach and manager positions are also due by this date and will need to be supported by a record of relevant experience, references from their state Pony Club, First Aid certificate and Working with Children clearance.

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