Mentor List

Finding a Mentor from the Panel.

Mentors may be knowledgeable in each of the below-listed topics or alternatively be restricted to one or more topics where they are deemed knowledgeable:

(eg: Horse Care, Gear Checking etc.)  For this purpose, mentors are to be assigned to the following categories.

All (able to mentor on all aspects)

Restricted (ZCI to nominate the subjects which the mentor is approved for) please be specific.

Important attributes for mentors to include –

• Good knowledge of subject

• Availability to mentor

• Ability to conduct a fair and reliable assessment of the candidate’s ability.

The mentor is responsible for signing the candidates Log to verify the skills and knowledge of the appropriate subject prior to assessment.

The final outcome for the candidate will depend heavily on the mentor and so ZCI’s have carefully chosen their mentors for the scheme.

Subject from Workbook & Coaching Log Book for NCAS

• Horse Care.

• Points, colours & markings.

• Grooming & hosing.

• Care of the feet.

• Health, condition and routine health care.

• Saddlery, tack & equipment.

• Rugs.

• Feeding.

• Gear checking.

• Diagonals & leading legs.

• Poles & small jumps.

• Simple mounted games.

• Road rules.

• Floating.

• Control of pony, aids, warming up & cooling down, rider exercises.

• Mounting, dismounting, holding the reins & rider position

• Coaching & safety

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