Pony Club NSW FAQ

To enroll as a Pony Club Member, you must register for a profile on the JustGo website. If you already have a profile, simply log in and follow the website’s instructions to join your nearby club. https://pca.justgo.com/Account.mvc/Login
Our NSW Bronze & Silver Coaching Accreditation sign up can be found on the link below.
To become accredited as a Bronze / Silver Instructor you need to do the following.
  • Purchase the Pony Club NSW Bronze / Silver workbook on the Pony Club NSW website.
  • Let your ZCI know you are interested in becoming a Pony Club Instructor.
  • Attend the Theory component of the course via a Zoom school.
  • Your book will be used at the school to fill out information.
  • Complete the online Bronze / Silver Horsemanship theory certificate.
  • Attend the Practical component of the course at a face-to-face State Instructors School in your zone or any other zone. See the website calendar for details.
  • You are now ready to book into a State Assessment.
  • Ideally if you can complete the online NSW or PCA Gear check theory component before the assessment, then you can be assessed for the Practical component by your ZCI or at the State Assessment.
Current Accreditations. NSW members can do either of the following:-
1. National Scheme: NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) which is current in NSW.
2. The NSW Scheme: Bronze, Silver, Gold (BSG) is our new scheme and is for new instructors plus we are currently moving the NSW Old System Instructors over to this new accreditation. Old System Instructors can do the NCAS but they have to do the full thing, books etc.
NSW OLD SYSTEM: To move across to the Bronze or Silver you need to do the following:- (This is for instructors who did not do the NCAS and retained their NSW Old System accreditation but we need to cease the old system and just have one NSW accreditation BSG).
· Attend a “Two day Instructors School”. This must be with a State Coach (Jane, Erica or Sarah).
(i) Day one can be either a Two night zoom or a practical day.
(ii)Day two is a practical day.
(iii)You can do the two practical days as your two days like we used to do.
· Do the appropriate Horsemanship. Old Level One does Bronze, Old Level Two does Silver.
These Old System instructors do not have to get the books, but it is recommended before they do a school, but not compulsory.
    • Fun and friendship in a community environment
    • 240+ Clubs for riders with their own horse
    • A wide variety of Olympic, non-Olympic and recreational horse sports
    • Competition opportunities at club, zone, state and even national level
    • As well as rallies and competitions, Clubs also arrange a range of social activities and local visits
    • Many Clubs also hold annual Pony Club Camps
    • 24/7 Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance Cover 
    • Qualified Coaches
    • Coaching Accreditation Scheme
    • Evidence-based education about horse riding, training care and welfare
    • An internationally-recognised Syllabus of Instruction with eight Proficiency Certificates and workbook manuals for each level
    • Merit and values-based awards
    • International exchange opportunities
    • Member-only offers and activities
    • Newsletters, information and education
    • Volunteering – volunteers are the backbone of Pony Club and by helping and learning, you can strengthen your CV, learn new skills and support your local community. This includes parents and other family members as well

Q: I have had an accident, what can i claim and how do i make a claim on my 24/7 insurance.

A: All info about claiming and what you are covered for are listed on the link below


Q: Our club does not have a have a senior instructor can we still run a rally day?

A: Certainly! It’s possible to conduct a rally day even without a senior instructor. Your club can appoint a club captain and organise the event with either the club captain or a committee member present, along with a qualified gear checker and a first aid person meeting the minimum medical standard.

Q: My accreditation is not appearing on my JustGo Profile am i still accredited?

A:  Yes that is correct, Pony Club NSW will not be adding any accreditations to JustGo Profiles at this present time due to system updates needed. You are still accredited. and we have provided you with a certificate for your proof.

Q: Where is the list for accredited judges / officials?

A:  Your zones will have a list of local pony club officals or if you need more you can find a list of accreditied officals / Judges on our website at https://ponyclubnsw.org.au/coaching/judges-list/ 

or on the EA website: https://www.equestrian.org.au/members/search/official

Q: I have a problem with a member in my Club, Zone or State how do i make a complaint?

A: Pony Club should be a fun, fair and safe place for everyone to enjoy learning to ride and care for horses.   Unfortunately, sometimes our passion for our horse pursuits results in unacceptable behaviours that should be addressed.

If you believe someone has breached an eligible policy, rule or regulation you can report the behaviour or make a formal complaint.  A formal complaint will result in formal action from Pony Club organisation or Sport Integrity Australia.  A report may not lead to formal action however may be actioned if considered necessary.

Step 1: Clearly define the problem or concern you have within the Pony Club organisation. It could be related to safety, organisational issues, misconduct, or any other matter that affects you or others within the club. Speak with your Club or Zones Member Protection Officer and put your complaint into an email to the Club or Zone Officials.

Step 2: If you feel that your problem is not being resolved in a appropriate manner Follow Official Complaint Procedures outlined by Pony Club Australia. This may involve completing a formal complaint form, adhering to specific timelines, and cooperating with any investigations or proceedings as required.

Pony Club Australia will manage alleged breaches of relevant policies, rules, and regulations at the level of the organisation best suited to manage the breach.

The complaint form below will help to ensure your complaint or report is directed to the appropriate organisation to manage the alleged breach.

If you see something, say something!

Need help, support or guidance? 

Complaint form: https://form.jotform.com/PonyClubIntegrity/pca-complaints-form

Call our Integrity hotline: 0424 067 045.

Sport Integrity Australia will manage alleged breaches of Safeguarding Children & Young People policy, discrimination in sport and doping in sport.

Q: How do i enter a State Event?

A: The steps to entering a State event are as follows:

1: Speak to your ZCI (Zone Chief Instructor) to see if you are eligible to attend the event.

2: Make sure your horse has a microchip number

3: Follow the entry link on our advertising of the event to enter.

4: Mark your calendar 

5: Come along and have fun

Q: Can i bring 2 horses to a State Event?

A: We’re excited to announce a development in a 2 horse Rule for our riders at specified State Championships! 🎉🏆

At the recent State Council Meetings this week, a motion was approved that allows riders to compete with two competitive horses in State Competitions across the Olympic Disciplines, Jumping Equitation and Campdrafting!
Here are the key details:
– Each horse may be ridden by ONLY one rider throughout the fixture.
– Both horses must be the property of the competitor or a member of the club to which the competitor belongs for at least one month prior and one month after the competition.
This new rule opens up a world of opportunities for our riders.

Q: How do i transfer my membership from one club to another?

A: First, there’s no need to create a new profile. Simply log in to your existing profile using your membership number as your username. Once logged in, navigate to your profile and locate the club box on the right hand size. Click on the three dots on the right of the club box, which will prompt a transfer option. From there, choose the club you wish to transfer to and provide a reason for the transfer.

After initiating the transfer, your current club will need to approve your departure, and the new club will need to approve your arrival. It’s advisable to inform both clubs that you’ve initiated the transfer process so they can review and approve accordingly.

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